Printed Name-A-Rita Classic Margarita Glass

Create a personal Name-A-Rita for your favorite margarita-loving friend.


Enter the name of your choice and it will be inserted into the “Name” section of the Name-A-Rita using the color and font of your choice. We will place your custom text next to our vibrantly colored parrot graphic.

Longer names will result in a smaller font size on the glass, so a bolder font selection is recommended to allow for easy reading. 

This product will be decorated using a digital printing method that does allow for full color and color gradients. We use special UV-cured inks and pre-treatment processes to promote optimum durability.  However, please note that the printed design is not truly permanent, and we do recommend hand washing these glasses to help preserve the lifespan of the digital print. If you are interested in a truly permanent mark, please consider our engraved glass products.

If you are interested in a large number of printed glasses, then please consider our screen printed products.  The screen printing method is only for 1 or 2 color designs, but it does offer the best pricing for large production runs.