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Whether you're taking clients out to dinner, hosting a cocktail party, or just need help stocking your bar, we've got you covered. We've also compiled a list of drinking quotes to keep everyone laughing.

Drink Recipes

So, maybe you're not a certified mixologist. With our list of delicious drink recipes, you can at least pretend. From cosmos to the "flaming vampire", you'll find a drink for everyone here. Don't forget to try the "gorilla fart".

History and Origins

Jugs used to purposely ferment beverages have been discovered from the Stone Age. The Babylonians were worshiping a wine goddess as early as the year 2700 BC. Clearly, they were ahead of their time.


Cocktails are making a big comeback! Microbreweries and homebrewed beer may have distracted us for a minute, but cocktail bars are back. We don't recall Humphrey Bogart drinking India Pale Ale. Here's looking at you, cocktails.

Beer and Brewing

We love beer and we know you do, too. Americans drink about 50 billion pints of beer annually. Read funny beer quotes; learn about the various beer styles found around the world, or study one of our many DIY home-brewing articles.

Drinking Games

Drinking games aren't just for college kids anymore. We're sure we've found a drinking game for everyone, and we've compiled a long list to guarantee it. Keep the party going all night with our easy to learn drinking games..