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The Basics is the internet leader in custom decorated glassware. We offer three different decorating methods... elegant engraving, vibrant screen printing, and colorful digital printing. We allow full customization of all designs.

Prices are posted for each item, and vary depending on the type of glass and decorating method. Quantity discounts are automatically given for orders of more than one of the same glass.

Ordering is easy and is accomplished via drop-down menus and text input boxes. You would choose your font by selecting it from a drop down menu, and then would enter the text you want to be engraved or printed into a text input box.


Every item has a catch-all Special Instructions input box. This box allows you to communicate any desired changes or additions that haven't already been covered. For example, if you like a template design on a glass but would prefer it with the addition of clip art, want the text laid out in a slightly different way, or want to make some other modification, you can let us know by inputting the request in the Special Instructions box.


We primarily use sandblasting, which is the premier method of marking glass. Sandblasting produces deep, permanent engravings with optimum appearance. We also utilize laser engravers for some special designs. Please click here for more information.


We screen print on our glassware using special cylindrical printing machines. We use flame-pretreatment and special UV-inks to achieve the best result and durability. Please click here for more information.


We digitally print on our glassware using a special rotary digital printer. We use flame-pretreatment, an adhesion promoter, and special UV-inks to achieve the best result and durability. Please click here for more information.


We only use full size, restaurant-quality glassware, and there is a difference! Almost all of our blank glass is produced domestically by Libbey Glass. A photo and description of each glass can be found at the top of the appropriate category page.


We can engrave or print designs and images with precision, and art is part of many of the designs we create. Select from over 500 graphics! Just click on the "Browse Graphic Library" located on each "Design Your Own" page. Once you've clicked on your choice it will automatically be added into your order. If you would like to use more than one image you can click back into the "Browse Graphics Library" and add another. If you want to remove one, click on the red X in the top left hand corner of the image. Please be specific with your layout instructions so that we know where to put the text in relation to the clip art you've chosen. If you are looking for a graphic that we don't carry, just ask and we'll find one for you. Just describe what you want on the order form… or, if it is something really unusual, you are welcome to inquire with us first.


We can take your own art or logo and use it in your design layout. We can accept most graphic file formats, to include jpeg, bmp, pdf, doc, and eps. Please note that we do recommend that artwork of suitable quality and resolution is provided. Many items (such as the Make Your Own glasses) allow for art upload directly through the order form. Or, if you wish to add art to one of our existing template designs, it can also be emailed in to us at


We create large orders for weddings, businesses, groups, and parties and we offer exceptional pricing tiers.