Personal Margarita Glasses (Set of Two)

Two classic margarita glasses, custom engraved with fun clip art and your choice of two names.
This set of two custom engraved classic margarita glasses is perfect for a couple, or for a set of friends who enjoy their margaritas.  The glasses can be personalized with a different name on each glass.  The design is permanently carved into the glass surface, resulting in an elegant appearance.
 We use appropriately festive clip art for this glass set.  One glass will feature a sombrero draped over the last letter of the word "Margarita."  The second glass will feature a set of maracas in the same location.  
Simply enter the two names that you wish engraved.  Please note that unless specified otherwise, each glass will feature the possessive name followed by the word "Margarita" and the clip art.  For example, if you enter "Dave" then the glass will read "Dave's Margarita."  
Please note:  for an order of a single set (of 2 glasses), please enter a "1" into the quantity box.