Engraved Puzzle Pint Glasses (Set of 2)

This set of two beer glasses makes an ideal gift for a couple or best friends. Individual names are engraved on interlocking puzzle pieces!

This visually striking design is created using elements of both frosted white engraving and clear glass.  Our customers usually provide first names or nicknames. Please note that the font size will vary depending on the length of the text that is entered (one very long name and one very short name may look off balance). Your text will be engraved using our "Stempel" font.

This product is engraved. We will be using a sandblasting technique to create the design. The design will appear in the single, natural color of frosted white. The mark is permanent and will never wash or wear away. If you would like your design to appear in color, please consider one of our print decorating methods.