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Personalized & Engraved Rocks Glasses

When you are building your home bar, start with the basics. But keep presentation to your guests in mind. Custom rocks glasses are a good basic to start with when you are stocking your bar. Personalizing your rocks glasses will add class and elegance to your bar. Patrons will definitely remember your establishment or home bar when they drink from engraved glassware.

Rocks glasses hold 11 oz. and are three and a half inches tall. These short glasses will end up as your go-to glasses. You will find the rocks glasses will be the ones you will reach for first when mixing a drink. They are ideal for any drink you want served over ice, or “on the rocks.” Popular drinks that are served in rocks glasses are the Old Fashioned, White Russian and Rusty Nail. Learn how to make these fun cocktails to impress your friends. Glass with a Twist carries restaurant quality, made in America rocks glasses that can be customized to your specifications. We gladly accept small and large orders. You can order just one glass if that is all you need.

You can easily design your custom rocks glasses using our stock designs. Choose from designs that will add memorable fun to your bar. Simply choose the font for your wording, select the design and you are done. It really is that quick. If you have your own design you would like engraved on the rocks glasses, you can easily upload it. There are no set up charges and now extra fees for customization.

We offer special pricing for bulk orders, so if you are stocking a restaurant or commercial bar, choose for all your glassware needs. Bulk custom rocks glasses can be personalized with a custom screen print or a custom engraving.

Make a statement when serving cocktails with custom rocks glasses from Glass with a Twist.

We can custom engrave or color print on these restaurant-quality rocks glasses made domestically by Libbey. They have an 11 oz. capacity and are 3.5" tall. We are happy to accommodate both large and small orders, down to a single engraved glass.


We can also do small orders of engraved rocks glasses....order as few as a single glass!
Create your own design from scratch, or customize one of our template designs. There are no setup costs or minimum quantities! 

Make Your Own Rocks

Create a completely unique personalized rocks glass from scratch.  We can engrave any combination of text and art that you desire.
Order as few as one glass with no setup charges!

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personalized scotch glassesShop Now Personal Bar Rocks Glass

Personalize your home bar with some of our custom engraved rocks glasses, or create a great home bar set for friends or family.

Medicine Rocks GlassShop Now Medicine Rocks Glass

Everyone needs a little medicine sometimes! Customize with a name and choice of medical symbols.

engraved whiskey glassesShop Now Poor Little Rocks Glass

Your favorite cocktail drinker will love this playful testament to their ability to make a drink disappear!

Never Met Rocks GlassShop Now Never Met Rocks Glass

Know someone who can't pass up a certain cocktail? This glass tells it like it is.

Big Boy/Girl Drink Rocks GlassShop Now Big Boy/Girl Drink Rocks Glass

Know someone with a little one? This glass is for those times when they might need a big person's drink.

Spiral Rocks GlassShop Now Spiral Rocks Glass

A cool and unique way to display a greeting, an announcement, or any other personal message.

Bulk Order Shopping

For large orders, please select from the customization methods below.

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Printed Rocks

Please click here for a bulk order of custom screen printed rocks glasses (minimum of 24 count).

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Engraved Rocks

Please click here for a bulk order of custom engraved rocks glasses (minimum of 12 count).