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Dirty Martini Classic Martini Glass

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The perfect design for someone who likes it dirty... whether it's you or someone you know! This tongue-in-cheek glass is sure to bring a smile.
We will use normal possessive punctuation (such as Jen's Martini or Ross' Martini) unless requested otherwise. Below this, it will normally read "I like it dirty!" unless we are given alternative instructions.

*Our default bowl engraving method orients the engraving so that it faces outward from the glass, angled downward toward the stem. However, we also offer an alternative orientation in which the engraving faces in toward the bowl and upward, so that it can be easily seen as you look down into the glass. If you would like the alternative bowl engraving orientation, please specify that in the Special Instructions box below.

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Please let us know what text you would like used for your design! We have no character or word limits, and we offer 8 different fonts. If your design will not include any text, please just leave these blank.

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Please let us know the specifics of how you would like your design arranged! If you have any other requests that haven’t been covered on the other inputs, then please use the Special Instructions box to communicate those.

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Dirty Martini Classic Martini Glass
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