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Customized Engraved Cocktail Drinking Glasses

Custom cocktail glasses add a touch of class to your home or restaurant bar. Creating a good cocktail is important but presentation is everything. Serving cocktails in the correct glassware is fundamental to your guests’ drinking experience.

Glass with a Twist has three different styles of cocktail glasses for you to choose from. The Rocks glass is three and a half inches tall, is short and wide and hold 11 oz. Rocks glasses are used for serving straight alcoholic, such as gin or whisky, over ice.

The Highball glass also has an 11 oz. capacity and is five and a half inches tall and is a tall, slender glass. Highball glasses are meant to hold mixed drinks with ice. They are perfect for serving Gin and Tonics and Bloody Marys.

The Hurricane glass is shaped like a hurricane lamp, fluted shaped with a long stem base. This glass is eight and a half inches tall and is a 15 oz. The Hurricane glass is used to serve Hurricanes, a New Orleans style rum-based drink.

Customize your cocktail glasses with your own design or create a unique cocktail glass using one of our many stock designs. We do not charge an additional fee for any customization.

You can order one glass or many. No order is too small for We do offer bulk discounts and bulk customization options such as custom color screen printing and custom engraving.

Our bar quality cocktail glasses make great gifts. A set of custom cocktail glasses makes a perfect wedding gift or house warming gift for that young couple just starting their lives together. Your gift will make entertaining a singular event when the happy couple use their custom engraved cocktail glasses.

When building your home or restaurant bar, consider what glassware you will need and how you want your guest to feel. Custom cocktail glasses will make even the most casual times feel elegant and special.

Ordering is easy and is accomplished through the pull down and text entry windows for each item. Please click on a glass type below for more general information.

Rocks GlassesShop Now

Rocks Glasses

Our restaurant-quality 11 oz. rocks glasses can be fully personalized!

Highball GlassesShop Now

Highball Glasses

Design our 10.25 oz. highball glasses with any combination of text or art!

Hurricane GlassesShop Now

Hurricane Glasses

Create your own unique design on our stylish 15 oz. hurricane glasses!