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Custom Personalized Shot Glasses

Order Your Set of Personalized Shot Glasses

In case you are looking for high-quality, printed or engraved shot glasses, we have just the thing for you. Our 2 oz. shot glasses have a solid faceted base and display a cool design that could never pass unnoticed. The heavy feel of the glass and its subtle glow turn it into the incontestable hit of your glassware collection.

We all know that strong essences are best kept in small bottles. In this case, we strive to bring you the finest shot glasses that you could use to serve your strongest beverages in style. Reflecting the perfect balance between function and form, these shot glasses are the ideal central pieces that every bar and home need to accommodate the needs of its guests.

We Give You the Best Deals on Engraved Shot Glasses

At Glass With a Twist, we give you as much creative freedom as you need to take your shot glass design a step up. Choose to personalize our standard 2 oz. shot glasses by adding your own art and/or text message. We take care of the engraving and printing processes, allowing you to take pride in personalized glassware that sends a powerful message to your audience. Whether you wish to convey a marketing message to individualize your brand or just want to leave your creative mark on printed or engraved shot glasses that will always put a smile on your friends’ faces, we have everything covered.

Get Creative with Your Shot Glass Design

Now you can profit from our incredible offer without dealing with a certain minimal quantity or any setup costs. All you have to do is to design your shot glasses from scratch or customize our items by relying on our existing templates. The right combination of text and art can turn your personalized shot glasses into beautiful masterpieces with a purpose. Either way, these customization options will allow you to stun friends and clients with one-of-a-kind glassware that can actually upgrade the shot drinking experience.


We can also do small orders of engraved bar shot glasses....order as few as a single glass!
Create your own design from scratch, or customize one of our template designs. There are no setup costs or minimum quantities! 

Make Your Own Bar Shots

Create a completely unique personalized bar shot glass from scratch.  We can engrave any combination of text and art that you desire.
Order as few as one glass with no setup charges!

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custom shot glassesShop Now Personal Bar Shot Glass

Personalize a home bar with some of our custom engraved shot glasses! Great gifts for friends or family.

Medicine Shot GlassShop Now Medicine Shot Glass

We all need a little medicine sometimes! Customize your prescription logo shot glass with a name and one of several medical symbols.

Poor Little Shot GlassShop Now Poor Little Shot Glass

Your favorite drinker will love this playful testament to their ability to make a shot disappear!

personalized shot glassShop Now Premium Alcohol Shot Glass

Show a preference for the good stuff! Customize this design with a name and a favorite type of alcohol.

Squiggly Message Shot GlassShop Now Squiggly Message Shot Glass

Create an easy personalized gift by entering a message, name, or inside joke of your choice! 

personalized shot glassesShop Now Arced Text Shot Glass

Engraved shot glasses that can be customized with event titles, dates, phrases, or even individual names!

customized shot glassShop Now Graduated Bar Shot Glass

Create a funny and unique shot glass gift, complete with "fill-to" line labels. What pushes your friend's buttons?

Bulk Order Shopping

For large orders, please select from the customization methods below.

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Printed Bar Shots

Please click here for a bulk order of custom screen printed bar shot glasses (minimum of 24 count).

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Engraved Bar Shots

Please click here for a bulk order of custom engraved bar shot glasses (minimum of 12 count).