Engraved Family Pint Glasses (Set of 2)

Custom engraved glassware with a family name, and (if desired) first names.
Please see "Product Information" for important ordering notes regarding this product!

Please enter the family (last) name exactly as it would be written for a single family member.  We will automatically add the plural "s." In cases where a family name ends in s, x, z, ch, or sh, we will add "es" to form the plural. Please note that the word "The" will automatically be added above the family name, unless requested otherwise.  

The usage of first names is optional. If first names are added to the order form, they will be included below the family name. If first names are not included on the order form, the design will be created using the last name only. Refer to our product images that show how we set up the design for each scenario.

Please type into the Quantity box the number of sets you are ordering (not the number of glasses). 

This product is engraved. We will be using a sandblasting technique to create the design. The design will appear in the single, natural color of frosted white. The mark is permanent and will never wash or wear away. If you would like your design to appear in color, please consider one of our print decorating methods.