Engraved Infinity Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of 2)

Elegant design featuring two names engraved into the form of an infinity symbol. This product comes in a set of two stemless wine glasses.


This wine glass set is the perfect gift idea!  This design features a symbolic infinity graphic with two names of your choice worked in as part of the infinity symbol.

We can use any two names that you like, including first names, titles, nicknames, or simply words.  Please do note, though, that font size will need to vary with the character count. In general, we recommend a maximum of about ten characters per name to keep the text at a nice readable size. 

Both glasses of the set will normally be done with the same names on each. We will also use Roboto font as the default as displayed in the product photo above. If you would prefer something different, please let us know using the 'Special Instructions' box.

Please note that this product is engraved. We will be using a sandblasting technique to create the design. The design will appear in the natural frosted white color of etched glass. The mark is permanent and will never wash or wear away. If you would like your design to appear in color, please consider one of our printed decorating methods.