We are excited to announce that we have added a cheaper
shipping method to our website!

This new method is a hybrid of FedEx and USPS. The order
travels with FedEx to the destination city, but is delivered by USPS. Since the
package has to change hands, delivery will take at least one business day
longer than it did with FedEx Ground.

Non-bulk orders are perfect candidates for SmartPost because
they will likely be fairly light and small packages that your local mailman
would love to deliver to you! Rates will run from $6.95-$9.95 and will be
determined by weight.

A set of champagne flutes for toasting at an upcoming
wedding is just one example of the types of orders that can be shipped for
$6.95 with SmartPost.  This would normally
cost $9.95 with FedEx Ground, but now SmartPost will save you $3!

We know that customers love a great deal and we have become
used to seeing free shipping promotions through other vendors and platforms.  At GlassWithaTwist.com, we have structured our
product pricing to be fair and honest, which means that our profit margins are
lower than other companies. This is great news for you, our wonderful customer,
because we are passing consistent savings back to you! However, this makes it
difficult for us to offer free shipping promotions that are so desirable. We
charge our customers what we pay to FedEx to ship each order and we don’t make
any money off of our shipping charges. In fact, we receive a volume discount from
FedEx that we apply to each of our orders to save you extra unnecessary fees.

With this new SmartPost method, we are delighted to be able
to offer even more savings for our customers.

Not sure how to track your order once it ships? We have
great news! Your tracking number will work on both the FedEx and USPS websites.
The tracking updates will automatically populate in both sites for your

SmartPost is live on our site today, so starting thinking
about your next decorated glass order!