Looking for a way to chill out during the dog days of summer? Try kicking up your heels with a cold beer to ease the heat. Better yet? Enjoy a cold brew in a personalized beer glass from Glass With A Twist! We have a wide variety of personalized pint glasses, pilsner glasses, and beer mugs for your favorite beer. And while we don’t recommend freezing your glasses if you are a beer drinker (the condensation will freeze and dilute your beloved brew), chilling them in the fridge will keep your beer extra cold without diluting it. 

If you are more of a lemonade/iced tea person, try enjoying some of your favorite summer sipping delight in one of our charming personalized mason jars. These adorable jars can be personalized with virtually any design, and have a charming southern feel to them. Additionally, if you prefer icy cocktails in the summer heat, enjoy your favorite iced tonic in one of our personalized cocktail glasses. We have a variety of engraved cocktail glasses for everyone, and they are perfect for home, parties, events, or as gifts for loved ones. 

If your idea of chilling out this summer includes a glass of your favorite vino, we also have a wide variety of engraved wine glasses to help you cool off. Beat the heat with yout favorite chilled white wine in a personalized wine glass! We offer a variety of glass types suitable for anyone’s favorite “special grape juice.”

As always, have a fun and safe summer from all of us at Glass With A Twist!