This week we are continuing to explore the world of alcohol and spirits by taking a closer look at that age-old, world renowned drink known as whiskey.
Today we’ll break down the three different types of whiskey.

Blended Whiskey

This type of whiskey is probably the most widely known since it is generally what is used for mixed drinks and cocktails. Ardent whiskey drinkers would
regard it as heresy to use anything else for mixed drinks. These are blended from grain and malt whiskies from different distilleries in varying
proportions - the exact recipes being trade secrets. Possibly (with a stretch of the imagination) a bit in the same manner which wine is blended.

Malt Whiskey

The single malt whiskies are regarded as the creme of the whiskies. They are made from barley which has been malted as described in previous posts. The smoke from the peat fires contributes to the flavor
as does the oak casks used to mature the whiskey.

Single malt whiskey is produced by a distillery as its superior whiskey... in fact most distilleries specialize in single malts only. Vatted malt whiskey
is produced by blending malt whiskies (note no grain whiskey) from two or more distilleries.

Grain Whisky

This is mainly used in the blending of whiskies as described above.

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