The Best Single Malt Scotch

The Best Single Malt Scotch

The Best Single Malt Scotch

Most people who drink scotch neat, on the rocks, or mixed with soda, are probably used to whatever the "well" scotch is, like Chivas Regal or Lauders. More experienced connoisseurs prefer Cutty Sark or Johnny Walker Red or Black Label. These scotches are blends, made from grains and malts. A single malt scotch is made from one distillery, aged at least three years in a wooden barrel and must be a distillate of only malted barley grain.

Like fine wines, they take a little bit of getting used to, but if you begin sampling them and become familiar with their tastes, it will be hard to go back to the cheap stuff. We recommend drinking single malt neat or mixed with a little bottled water. If you have a taste for scotch try a few of these single malts:


This single malt is aged ten years, is a bit sweeter than most, and very dark in color. It's not as smoky or peaty as most, but has a nice finish and a sweet aftertaste which works well for an after dinner drink.


This scotch has a sharp peaty blast when first introduced to the palette. It's not too sweet and a little smoky, depending on how long it has been aged. You can buy versions aged 12 to 15 years or more. The longer it's aged the smoother the sharp finish becomes. This is one best diluted with a little water.


This is the world's best selling scotch, but I find it rather bland and without much character. It's very peaty and has a rather bland finish. If you try this scotch try and get the stuff that's been aged 18 years.


More complex and flavorful than Glenfiddich. A bit sharp at first, it has a nice finish, and if mixed with water or a little soda, many of its complex flavors come out.


This is one of my favorites. A bit sweet and smoky, it's like drinking pears and velvet. Very smooth, a fantastic finish and compliments a fine cigar. This is one of the best scotches to make a Rusty Nail with. (Mix with the scotch with one part Drambuie, serve neat or on ice.)


Excellent, but pricey. It's warm, peaty, smoky and a little sweet. The 10 and 15 year aged are equally good, though the 15 tends to be smoother and a little less peppery.


Rich and distinct, this is not for those who like their single malt light and delicate. Rich, peaty and smoky. Very nice served neat.

If you want to try an olfactory carnival with your single malt try this: Bake a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies. Take a bite of a cookie, fresh from the oven, and then take a sip of your favorite single malt. The alcohol will carry the flavor of the cookie, especially the chocolate, into your sinuses. Your whole head experiences the cookie and the scotch. Cleanse the palette with a little club soda and try it again.

Whatever scotch you prefer, enjoy it in one of our personalized whiskey glasses. You'd be amazed at how much more relaxing a drink can be when you're sipping from a nice piece of glassware. If you can't afford the expensive scotch, you can still enjoy the cheap stuff out of your own personalized glass. Our engraved whiskey glasses can be custom made with any text or design you choose.