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The Best Flavored Vodkas

There's nothing like a chilled and refreshing, flavored vodka - and these days you have more to choose from than any of us ever thought possible! So, how do you make up your mind when you're faced with masses of tantalizing, flavored vodkas which cover almost every fruit flavor imaginable as well as vanilla, coffee, peppers, even bacon flavored?!

Vodka has found a new niche in the spirit market which is helping to maintain it's overwhelming popularity, as vodka accounts for more than one out of every four bottles of distilled spirits consumed in the U.S. It is this new trend in flavored Vodkas which has added fuel to the fire in the ever-so-popular "Martini craze". Interestingly enough, Vodka is classified by the federal government as an odorless, colorless, essentially flavorless spirit devoid of distinctive characteristics. Based on this description we're going to make the assumption that the feds haven't been frequenting the local Martini Bars or Lounges much!

With the wave of flavored vodkas upon us, the sky is virtually the limit when it comes to new Cocktail and Martini concoctions. With so many new options to choose from, perhaps you'll want to break away from your traditional Vodka tonic to try something new.

We are big fans of the Absolut Mandrin and other such "orange" flavored vodkas. This great citrus flavor lends itself to be enjoyed simply chilled and slowly sipped from a fancy martini glass. It is also fabulous in a mixed drink, such as the Mandrin Press, which is simply an ounce and a half of Absolute Mandrin mixed with Club Soda and 7up, garnished with a lime or orange wedge.

Because the end product is supposed to be without a distinctive taste, vodka can be made from a fermented mash of just about any carbohydrate-containing material. Russian and Polish Vodkas were traditionally made from potatoes, but today the grain of choice is usually corn, barley, wheat and occasionally rye. Considering the delicate flavor of Vodka, the type of charcoal used in filtration and the water source become extremely important in it's production.

Image, name and creative advertising seems to sway the average consumer of Vodka more than any other factor. When Vodka was first introduced into the United States, producers had to figure out a way to entice the "brown water" (or whiskey) drinking Americans to try the clear spirit. It was Smirnoff's first successful advertising slogan of "Smirnoff White Whiskey - No taste. No smell" that began the Vodka revolution in the U.S. Today, Vodka is anything but "devoid of distinctive characteristics", so don't miss out on the exciting flavors that await you in those tinkling and tantalizing bottles of Flavored Vodkas.

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