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Personalized Tall Wine Glasses

We can custom engrave or custom print these elegant 16 oz tall wine glasses. You can either personalize one of our template designs, or you can design your own glasses from scratch. You can even attach your own logo or artwork to your order form! Whether you need one glass or one thousand glasses, we can help. Please click on a product below to shop today!

If you are interested in a bulk order (12 or more of the same glass) then please scroll to the bottom of the page.


We can do small orders of engraved tall wine glasses....order as few as a single glass!
Create your own design from scratch, or personalize one of our template designs. There are no setup costs or minimum quantities!

Make Your Own Engraved Tall Wine

Create a completely unique personalized tall wine glass design from scratch.  We can engrave any combination of text and art that you desire.
Order as few as one glass with no setup charges!

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Tipsy Word Tall Wine GlassShop Now Tipsy Word Tall Wine Glass

Select from an entertaining list of drinking-related words to customize glasses for your favorite wine connoisseur!

Poor Little Tall Wine GlassShop Now Poor Little Tall Wine Glass

Your favorite wine drinker will love this playful testament to their ability to make a glass of wine disappear!

Medicine Tall Wine GlassShop Now Medicine Tall Wine Glass

Everyone can appreciate the medicinal benefits of wine! Create a fun "medicine" wine glass for yourself or friends.

Health Benefits Tall Wine GlassShop Now Health Benefits Tall Wine Glass

We all drink wine purely for the health benefits, don't we? This fun glass points that out, with a charming engraving!

Mommy's or Daddy's Juice Tall Wine GlassShop Now Mommy's or Daddy's Juice Tall Wine Glass

Anyone with a little one at home will love this glass. Customize with Mommy, Daddy, or a name.

His and Hers Tall Wine GlassesShop Now His and Hers Tall Wine Glasses

A matching personalized two-glass set, perfect for newlyweds, anniversaries, or a charming everyday memento.

Wine Royalty Tall Wine GlassShop Now Wine Royalty Tall Wine Glass

The perfect gift for the people in your life who consider themselves to be "wine royalty".

personalized wine glassShop Now Graduated Tall Wine Glass

An inventive and fun way to create a wonderfully personalized glass for anyone. How much wine do they need?

Spiral Engraved Tall Wine GlassShop Now Spiral Engraved Tall Wine Glass

Our unique spiral design is an elegant way to express a personal message for someone special in your life.

Spiral Base Tall Wine GlassShop Now Spiral Base Tall Wine Glass

Our spiral-base design is a subtle and stylish way to engrave a unique personal message.

personalized wine glassShop Now Arced Text Base Tall Wine Glass

The arced text base engraving is a stylish and subtle design perfect for a personalized message.

Bulk Order Shopping

For large orders, please select from the customization methods below.

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Bulk Printed Tall Wine Glasses

Please click here for a bulk order of custom screen printed tall wine glasses (minimum of 24 count).

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Bulk Engraved Tall Wine Glasses

Please click here for a bulk order of custom engraved tall wine glasses (minimum of 12 count).