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Margarita Glasses

Our custom margarita glasses are available in three unique styles, each one a perfect gift for party guests and ‘rita lovers of all kinds. Styles available include the Classic, Cactus, and Hand Blown margarita glasses. Each is unique, and each will bring years of delight to those who drink from it.

The Classic margarita glass is a standard, 15 oz. margarita glass. The Cactus glass features an adorable, green, cactus-shaped handle. Finally, the Hand Blown glass is made in Mexico with a cobalt blue rim. No two hand-blown glasses are exactly alike. All three styles are full customizable, with your choice of text and graphics.

All three styles are high-quality glassware at an affordable price. There are no minimum orders, so you can order as few or as many custom margarita glasses as you need. When you order more than nine glasses, prices start at as low as $11.95 per glass.

When choosing graphics for your glass, you can upload your own artwork, or choose from our huge library of over 500 clipart images. Our searchable catalog is sure to include the perfect design for your glasses. Sports, holidays, food, and beverage are only a few of the clipart categories.

If you want your glass to include a truly custom graphic, you can upload a company logo or other graphic. This option is perfect for company parties and other occasions where you want to show off your personal brand. We can accommodate a variety of graphics, but we recommend you upload a high-resolution image for the best results.

We also have eight great fonts to choose for your text. There are no character or word limits, so you can add whatever text you like to your glasses. Long or short, your message will look great.

You have ultimate control over your design when you make a custom margarita glass. You tell us where to place the text, how to size the graphics, and any other specifications you might have. If you request it, we will even send you a JPEG of the layout for you to approve. This will slow down your order processing, but it will ensure your glasses are perfect.

Ordering is easy and is accomplished through the pull downs and text entry windows for each item. Please click on a glass type below to begin ordering your custom margarita glasses. Our glasses are bar quality and engraved with superior attention to detail. Please visit our Ordering Info page for more general information.

Classic MargaritasShop Now

Classic Margaritas

Our 15 oz. classic margarita glasses can be engraved with any design you like.

Cactus MargaritasShop Now

Cactus Margaritas

Engrave our 12 oz. cactus margarita glasses with any combination of text or art.

Handmade MargaritasShop Now

Handmade Margaritas

Create a unique design on our stylish 12 oz. handmade margarita glasses.