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How We Screen Print

Screen printing...what is that?
Forcing ink through a high-tension mesh screen onto an object is the customization technique known as screen printing.  A screen is made with the exact design to be printed. The printing process forces each glass up into the screen while a squeegee blade  pushes ink through the permeable screen and onto the glass surface.

Why do printed orders have a setup fee?
Individual screen have to be created for each printed order. A double coated layer of emulsion is first laid onto the screen, then the design is laid on top and finally exposed using a metal halide lamp. The screen must then by washed out and dried completely. Due to the significant amount of time and a material cost it takes to create the screens, printing companies like ours must charge for setup. For an option with no setup fee, please consider our engraved products.

What type of ink is used during screen printing?
Ultraviolet inks (UV) are the newest technology in screen printing, and they cure via exposure to intense UV lamps. We use special inks that are optimized for glass printing.  Not only do these inks produce a superior and more durable print, but they are also more environmentally friendly than traditional solvent inks which dry via chemical evaporation into the air.

What colors can I get screen printed?
We offer 12 standard colors for printing, but, if you wish to have a specific color, just let us know and we will whip it up for you.  Give us a general description like "light purple" or a Pantone color code and we will mix up your specific needs. . 

How detailed can my design be?
With screen printing, we can get quite detailed.  Our process allows for full reproduction of complex designs, including graphics and fine text.

Will my printing last forever?
While no such screen printing is truly permanent, our printing method produces very durable, long lasting results. The individual glasses are prepped with a flame pre-treatment for optimum ink adhesion. And, our UV inks lead the industry in survivability and durability. These inks have been tested and have been rated to last over 500 cycles through a home dishwasher. With all such printing though, the ink is adhering to the surface of the glass. Heavy use, or with intentional manual scraping or abrasion, the ink may eventually start to wear or chip off.  For a truly permanent mark, please consider our engraved glassware.

Do I have to order a  minimum quantity?
There is a minimum order size of 24 glasses for all printed orders. We can engrave smaller orders (all the way down to one glass) for orders meant as gifts.

What if I want more than one color printed?
We can print up to three different colors on a glass order. However, we do have to charge for each additional color because colors are added to the glass in layers.  A separate screen has to be made for each color used and the glasses have to go through a separate printing cycle each time.

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