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Freshen up your cocktails with spring flavors

Apr 1

Now that it’s finally starting to feel like spring, let’s talk about how to freshen up your cocktails to match the season.

Personally, when spring comes around, I crave a well-made mojito! Using fresh mint in a mojito makes this cocktail extra refreshing. If you like something a bit sweeter, consider the Kentucky Derby favorite, the mint julep.

Another spring ingredient is ginger. Using this flavorful spice in a variety of drinks adds a punch of sweet and spicy all at once. Serious Eats has several wonderful recipes for drinks including ginger. Check out these thirst quenching drinks: Grapefruit and Ginger Sparkler, Southern Baptist, and the Pom Pomme, which all use a form of ginger in the recipe.

If you’re not into herbs and spices in your drinks, then consider adding various fruits like mango, strawberries or raspberries. The aptly names Spring Fever drink uses mostly fruit juices, but I’d consider using fresh fruit instead and adding in a bit of rum to make it a tropical treat.

No matter what spring recipe is your favorite, you’ll need a glass custom designed glass to hold your beverage. For the mint drinks, I recommend serving them in our classic highball glasses, which hold 10.25 oz. and stand at 5.25” tall.

Our rocks glasses are a perfect fit for the recipes using ginger. They have an 11 oz. capacity and are 3.5” tall. The simple style and shape make the rocks glass our most universal product.

If you’re looking for a glass with that is a little more fun, look no further than our hurricane glasses. With its unique shape and character, this glass is a great fit for the fruity and tropical drinks.  

Whatever the occasion may be, we hope that your taste buds will enjoy the switch over to spring!

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